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AT HOME Family Scavenger Hunt

We are excited to announce that our partners from Compass Outdoor Adventure have invited our Members coast-to-coast to participate in their complimentary AT HOME Family Scavenger Hunt!

The theme of this particular hunt will be Disney, Pixar and Star Wars-inspired and will have a series of awesome at home missions to complete.  You don’t need anything other than coming up with a family team name and a mobile device (phone, tablet, etc).


Saturday, May 2 – 10:00 AM PST 
10:00 AM – 12:00 PM PST with a 12:15 PM PST WrapUp Call via ZOOM/Facebook Live

How does all this work?
Using the Goosechase App you and your family unit will work through engaging missions designed to get you thinking, laughing, and enjoying each other.

Each mission completed earns a certain number of points and creativity and originality can earn you more points. At the end of each day, every team with more than 20,000 points will be entered into a drawing for
COLD HARD CASH (or,  realistically Venmo).

Register Your Team Today

  1. Register your team or family on the Compass Outdoor Adventure website by using the button below so we know you’re playing. In your confirmation email, you will receive your code that will allow you to register your team in Goosechase App.
  2. Download the Goosechase App – iPhone or Android (only need one phone/iPad). Register your team with the code you received in your confirmation email.

Join us on this virtual adventure as we live, connect and play with our families and loved ones. 

Get your hunt on!

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