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Author Conversations Series with Tabitha Scott – Part 2

Author Conversations Series with Tabitha Scott, Author of Trust Your Animal Instincts
Beginning at 8pm ET, 7pm CT, 6pm MT, 5pm PT

During Part 1 of our Author Conversations Series with Tabitha Scott we learned about how to return to positivity during uncertain times as well as the introduction of the Should Monster & Inner Owl.

Part 2 of our Author Conversations Series will be about understanding how to identify and protect against negativity as well as share your insights and discuss the book directly with Tabitha.

Message from Tabitha:
We’re all feeling off-balance right now as we swim in a sea of uncertainty, fear, and negativity. My book is about how to let go of those pressures, reconnect to your own intuition, and maintain personal power and positivity. It’s a true story based on my own executive burnout and transformation. I used my unique background in electrical and human energy to write the book using both spirituality and science, without agenda, to help others who are struggling to stay positive.  Trust Your Animal Instincts is perfect for nature lovers, those seeking holistic solutions, business people, those who enjoy traveling, people seeking reconnection, and those who love animals.

Yoga Magazine just published a fun piece about Tabita’s Story and ties into one of the Chapters within her Book. Explore the article with the link below. Yoga Magazine Article

If you missed Part 1, don’t worry you can still join us for Part 2 on Wednesday, October 28th for another chance to meet and connect with Tabitha.

The book has strongly resonated with readers, already reaching the #1 New Release status in categories like these: 

· Business Health & Stress
· Work Life Balance in Business
· Spiritual Gifts 
· Solo Travel
· Central American Travel
· Costa Rican Travel
· Physics of Energy

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