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GOLF INSTRUCTION SERIES: Martin Chuck – Tour Striker Academy

This month we are excited to partner with Martin Chuck, the founder and lead instructor of the Tour Striker Academy located at the Raven Golf Club in Phoenix, Arizona. This month Martin will be releasing a series of videos to help you hit your drive more effectively…so let’s get started.


After a long and storied path as a golf professional, Martin started the Tour Striker Golf Academy in the Spring of 2011 and it has become one of the most successful Golf Academy and Coaching Programs in North America.

Top-100 Coach, Martin Chuck developed his love and talent for the game of golf north of the border in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Like most kids from Canada, ice hockey was Martin’s first sporting love. It wasn’t long before the allure of golf took hold. Like any true outlier in his given profession, Martin found himself in the shadow of two of the World’s best ball strikers and Canadian Legends, Moe Norman and George Knudson. “The time spent around George and Moe was invaluable and back then, I didn’t realize how truly special the opportunity was.” says Chuck. “I was able to watch, witness and in the case of Mr. Knudson, work for one of the best ball strikers of all-time. I started as a teaching assistant for Mr. Knudson 30 years ago. I guess I owe him for my overnight success as an instructor!”

Martin has consulted and taught PGA Tour Winners, Ryder Cup, President’s Cup and Major Champions. Martin is not a traveling Tour Coach. His preference is to stay home with his family and help Amateur golfers improve their games. During summer months, escaping the heat of Phoenix, he takes his family and Tour Striker Golf Academy on the road to various facilities in the US, Canada and abroad.

Stay tuned for a weekly tip with Martin Chuck and more golf instruction content right here on Life.By Arcis.

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