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Interactive Exhibition of Fine Art Paintings from Miami-based Cuban Artist Noel Suarez

The TOROSIETE Museum of Contemporary Art invites the Arcis Golf community to experience “Consequentially Noel”, a new 3D Virtual and Interactive Exhibition of Fine Art Paintings from Miami-based Cuban Artist Noel Suarez, whom we previously introduced with his exhibition “Siluetas”, which is still live in the Museum.

Noel Suarez continues to enjoy a successful Fine Art career spanning over three decades, and was one of the original artists that started the Miami art scene.  

In “Consequentially Noel”, the TOROSIETE Museum has curated a collection of Noel’s works from several periods of his career.  This “retrospective” allows us to examine the evolution of his work and take a journey through his works to explore how the Art Deco, Art Nouveau and Figurative Cubism movements have shaped his works and how he has made these and other movements his own.

“We’ll be going through my 30 years history as an artist through the actual work, a wonderful concept created by the Directors of the Torosiete Museum.  Although I’m not ready for a retrospective, far from it, it will be exciting to travel from my very first paintings circa 1990 to present. The work will describe my existence as an artist and a person, and the challenge that is to isolate one from the other.” -Noel Suarez

This exhibition also includes, for each work, a substantive statement by Noel himself about the background, history and influences that went into each of these works. When this exhibition was launched, the TOROSIETE Museum held a LIVE, Online Virtual Tour and Opening Reception featuring Noel – both by broadcasting from “Inside” of the Virtual Exhibition joined by Noel from his studio in Miami.  The over two hour reception was joined by hundreds of collectors, friends, and new admirers of Noel’s works – including surprise guest appearances by collectors of his works that showed us some of their collection of Noel’s works to artist Beatrix Ost, and the Art Deco master Tamara de Lempicka’s granddaughter.  

Watch the entire Opening Reception
“Consequentially Noel”

Discover the 3D Virtual and Interactive Exhibitions of “Consequentially Noel” in the TOROSIETE Museum at  While many of the Original works in “Consequentially Noel” are currently in private collections, there are some original works available in our Museum Gallery Store at along with Limited-Edition Fine Art Prints.

Learn more about Noel, and Explore both the 3D Virtual Exhibition and Interactive Exhibition by clicking the button below.

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