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Do you remember going to the record stores to buy that hot new album?  
That was awesome right! With everyone spending more time at home, music continues to be the staple that lifts your spirits, makes you smile and creates memories that will last a lifetime.

Get up and dust off that old record player or boom box and share some of your nostalgic music favorites with your kids, friends or family.  Have you ever challenged your kids to see if they can tune to an FM radio station using a dial? Do they know what a record player is or how it works? Well, let me tell you… get your phone out and get ready to record, because you will want to capture this moment!

If you have already donated all those nostalgic memories, don’t sweat it! Get connected with some of your favorite artist’s right from your living room couch.  

Tune into “Live from Home” presented by “Live Nation” a virtual music hub updated daily with live streams, content, and more to keep you connected to your favorite artists.  

Crank up your speakers and rock on from the comfort of your home!

Life.By Arcis.


Highlight from Thursday, April 17th

The Black Crowes share footage from their recent SOLD OUT acoustic show as Brothers Of A Feather at The Chapel in San Francisco.