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Monday Movement w. Brandon Harris

Brand Harris and the Premier Fitness Systems Team have taken a look at health from an evolutionary perspective you can see we evolved to move a lot and with a lot of variabilities. Walk, run, carry, crawl, hang, squat, dip, balance, and many other variations of these throughout our everyday lives.

Add these into your routine and some magical things happen! You feel better and move better! 

If you compare movement to nutrition you can see we need lots of different types of movement. Just like the variety of food you need to get a full spectrum of macro and micronutrients we also need a lot of movement. You can’t be healthy eating a small variety of things and you cant feel good limiting your movement. Once again we need more! 

Join Brandon for a great movement and mobility class that is about building a foundation around controlling your body through movement.

Feel better an move with us today!

Life.By Arcis.