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Virtual Art Exhibition Featuring Cuban-Born Artist: Noel Suarez

The TOROSIETE Museum of Contemporary Art personally invites you, the Arcis Community, to discover fine artist Noel Suarez and his works in our virtual Museum.

Meet Noel Suarez

When Noel moved to the United States from Cuba in 1981, he was already a world-renowned Ballet Dancer.  After continuing his professional dancing career for several years until 1986, Noel retired from dancing due to a knee injury and pursued a career as an Artist and was one of the original pioneers of the Miami Beach art scene.

During his 4 decades as a Fine Artist, Noel has achieved international prolific status as a fine art painter and sculptor, and his works have appeared in major motion pictures, major advertising campaigns, and charity auctions worldwide, and has many notable collectors of his works. Noel is an artist in residence for Oceana Cruise Lines where he paints live to enchanted audiences throughout the world.

This exhibition, Siluetas, painted from 2016 through 2019, is inspired by dance… the movements and colors that radiate from a body in motion.

“As an ex-ballet dancer, movement and emotions are very important components of my life. While dancing, a body constantly moves to the music, thus the reason I see the silhouette (silueta) of these figures and the colors that radiate from them. With each painting, I capture every possible pose between these vibrant movements. The mediums used are graphite, pastels, and metallic acrylics on a very heavy Arches paper. I wanted to add other elements of color and texture to the simplicity of the graphite Chiaroscuro, enhancing the intensity of the emotions and movement. This is what the Collection is about.” -Noel Suarez Visit our museum from anywhere at anytime from any device.

Learn more about Noel, and Explore both the 3D Virtual Exhibition and Interactive Exhibition by clicking the button below.

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