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Virtual Art Exhibition Featuring: Moisés Fragela from Manatí, Puerto Rico.

Meet Moisés Fragela

The TOROSIETE Museum of Contemporary Art is pleased to introduce to the Arcis Community visual artist Moisés Fragela from Puerto Rico.  While primarily a mixed media painter, Moises has worked in multiple formats including photography, abstract and figurative art.  His primary style of work is figurative expressionism and his influences include masters Egon Schiele and Francis Bacon.

Moisés Fragela was born in Río Piedras, Puerto Rico in 1976 where he lived until 1990 when he moved to Miami, Florida to later return to Puerto Rico in 1996.  He started to paint at the age of 20, doing his formal education at Florida International University in Miami and at the Institute Fine Arts, Old San Juan, Puerto Rico where he graduated in 2004.

From 1997 through 2001, Mr. Fragela was an artist in residence at Galería Calle Del Cristo, Old San Juan.  Later, in 2003, Mr. Fragela was invited to attend the Master Critics hosted by Dr. Elaine King (world famous art critic, writer and professor) where he was honored with the Best Critic and Best Show for his paintings.

Over his successful career, Fragela was selected to participate in the 6th Florence Biennale and was also part of a Collection Reyes & Veray at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Puerto Rico.  Also, he has been a part of many projects for the Ponce Art Museum which has given him an opportunity to collaborate with other artists in very unique projects such as raising donations for their educational programs and their Gala events.

In addition to frequent gallery exhibitions, Fragela also participates in major Miami area art fairs yearly since 2013.  His works are also part of the the Museo Francisco Oller permanent collection in Bayamón, Puerto Rico since 2015. 

Most recently he has opened a new art studio space called Fraz Ztudios  in Manatí, Puerto Rico where he teaches art classes to students of all ages, works on his art, and helps other artists have a space to create and showcase their art. Moises has numerous exhibitions of works in the TOROSIETE Museum – showcasing multiple areas of his body of work

“Color Vivante” is a collection of abstract works – a departure from what Moises is most known for.  However the explosions of color literally jump off the canvas.  “Art is Movement, Light, Shadows and the Illusion of something real” says Moises about this series of paintings.  “I wanted to create an organic flow of motion and texture to tempt the viewer to actually touch these works.”

In “Open/Closed,” Moises created a series of photographs to capture the duality of one’s self.  “To open, to let in, to be selfless and giving – are some of the most beautiful feelings to be able to experience.  Or rather to close, to shut out, to hide and mask all of your feelings inside.  To share both with one, or none.  The intimacy and vulnerability to show your true self is sometimes overshadowed by doubt.  This is the struggle of being open, or closed.”

His largest exhibition and most representative of his true style is showcased in “La Mentira de la Verdad”, or “The Lie behind the Truth”, is a collection of mixed media works that are a critique of the “sheeple” state of mind in modern society.  Fragela feels that most people in a society do not questions the chaos it lives in.  In this exhibition of works, he tries to confront the viewer by forcing them into his chaotic world.  He states “I force them to ask what the imagery is and what it isn’t… I purposefully don’t let the viewer feel comfortable with a color scheme that puts them at ease.”  

“I want the viewer to be reeled in with the colors, with the monochromatic colors and with the images and symbols that seem both familiar but are also are a total contradiction at the same time.”

Further, he states “All of my work starts the same way; first emptiness, then chaos and lastly order out of chaos.  I will my way into your thought process and plant a seed.  To question is a skill that most of us lose after we grow up.  As a child, you are open to asking questions.  I challenge you to view the world as a child again and become open again to asking questions – and not just accepting what is said, presented, or forced upon us from the media.”

Explore her 3D Virtual Exhibition of “An Imitation of Life” in the TOROSEITE Museum

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