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Watermelon, Heirloom and Tomato Feta Salad

Watermelon, Heirloom & Tomato Feta Salad

1/2 medium watermelon, cubed in one-inch cube
1 large or two medium-size heirloom tomato, sliced into half-inch-thick ‘steaks’
2 Persian cucumbers, cubed
1/2 red onion, sliced thin
1/2 cup sheep’s milk feta cheese
small handful fresh basil, ripped by hand
small handful of fresh mint, ripped by hand
juice from one lime
drizzle of extra virgin olive oil
generous Kosher salt

Directions: Slice the tomatoes and place them on a platter. Sprinkle with salt. Add the cubed watermelon, cucumbers, red onion, fresh herbs and crumbled feta. Sprinkle generously with salt. Add the herbs, drizzle with olive oil and fresh lime juice. Serve cool (although it’s even delicious after sitting for half an hour in the fridge).

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