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Week 2: Movement Challenge

As a reminder, we will be posting a new movement challenge each week designed to be fun and keep everyone moving. Last week we heard from several families about how much they laughed while working on mastering the movement. These challenges are not about if you can or cannot complete the move; it is about getting up, giving it a try, and having fun with your family!

Week 2: Movement Challenge

The goal of this challenge is to balance a tennis ball on a book, proceed to get down to the ground, lay flat on your back with your head down and get back up all while you continue to balance the ball on your book.

Items Needed for Challenge:
– Book
– Tennis Ball
Don’t have a Tennis Ball? Use a golf ball, ping-pong ball, lacrosse ball, etc.

DON’T FORGET TO SHARE YOUR MOVEMENT CHALLENGE WITH US BY TAGGING @arcisgolf and your home club. Yes, we want to see the highlights as well as the bloopers. We encourage you to challenge your friends, family, co-workers as well the staff at your club!

Get up and start moving with us!

Life.By Arcis.