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What’s Your Number? Week 3: Movement Challenge

Week 3: Movement Challenge

We are going to have some fun this week!
This challenge is all about hand-eye coordination. Drop 3 golf balls and catch them all. Sounds and looks simple, but is it? I guess you will have to give it a try to find out.

Keep adding a golf ball until you cannot catch them all.
Remember no group catches=)

Have some fun this week and get up and move with us!

Items Needed for Challenge
– 3 or more golf balls

DON’T FORGET TO SHARE YOUR MOVEMENT CHALLENGE WITH US BY TAGGING @arcisgolf and your home club. Yes, we want to see the highlights as well as the bloopers. We encourage you to challenge your friends, family, co-workers as well the staff at your club!

What’s your number? 3,4,5,6,7,8?

Life.By Arcis.